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New service lets clients register, pay for education from your agency 24/7

Generate more revenue easily with Rebuilding After Bankruptcy

Online shopping cart lets you set prices and discounts for education

Client e-mail report helps you promote your services

Join growing numbers of CDFIs who find success

ACCE systems store client files, reduce workload for you

Track the source of your Money in Motion students

Money in Motion enhancement saves time, work for your agency

ACCE's portable education meets your clients where they are

New service lets clients register, pay for education from your agency 24/7

The American Center for Credit Education is excited to introduce a free online service we’ve created just for you. Through this service, your agency can effortlessly offer any or all of ACCE’s amazing online education programs to your clients and earn revenue 24/7.

Here’s how it works: You get to choose which programs you want to offer and set your own price - or offer programs free of charge. ACCE will create a customized page - complete with your logo, agency information and links to your agency’s social media - that connects your website to ACCE’s programs. By clicking a link on your website, your clients can order ACCE programs, pay for them through PayPal, and enroll in the programs.

After enrolling, your clients will receive log-in information by e-mail so they can begin the programs. Your agency collects clients’ payments through your PayPal account.

To find out more about this free online service and how it can make your life easier, contact Adrian Ilchuk at or 888-830-3104 ext. 112.